Must Have Pool Accessories


With my baby sis, Ellie!


Drink in hand, always




As important and my usual accessories are to me, the summer means that I have a whole new category of shopping needs: pool accessories!

Specifically accessories FOR the pool, as in things that I want to use in the pool and these floaties that I found are the best.

A few months ago, I was feeling depressed that the snow wasn’t going anywhere any time soon so I started searching for stuff that I could look forward to using at the pool! My parents put a pool in our backyard when I was about 11 and we have been obsessed with it ever since; living in Michigan, we only get to use it a few months a year so we REALLY use it a lot. And even though my entire family made fun of me for spending money on “crap like this” they are now all obsessed and grateful for my (slight) online shopping problem.

I ordered all of these from Amazon (I order SOOOO much stuff from them!) and even ordered a few more last week–I told you, I have a problem.

Anyways, here’s where to find them:

Pizza Float

Pink Flamingo (aka Francisco)

Swan (aka Elton)

And here are links to the ones I ordered last week:

Pineapple Float

Golden Swan (name to come, lol)

Keep in mind, these are all about 6 feet so they take up some serious space. We all loved laying out on them, jumping on them and they’re just nice to stare at floating around too!



ps–A few years ago I ordered this Floating Beer Bong Table (that we named Tiki Tom) and it has held up SO well!


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