Weekend Project {Outdoor Cushions}

IMG_6182IMG_6178 (1)IMG_6179 (1)IMG_6180 (1)IT’S FINALLY PATIO SEASON! Can you tell I’m slightly pumped about this???

I have a really cute patio at my townhouse and all winter long it has been so depressing to walk out there and see nothing but ice and snow so I am super happy to have my table and chairs, some lights and such outside for eating/drinking with my friends (I’ll post on the whole patio soon!)

I got the cutest bistro set of table and chairs last year but they are not the most comfortable to sit on and I really wanted some cushions this year. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding ones that I liked that were the right size for the chairs.

BUT then I went to Pier 1 Imports this weekend to see what they had, and I found these outdoor pillows that we so perfect. My chairs are orange (as you can see) and the table is white so I wanted to keep the cushions bright but maybe bring in some pattern. My pillows shown here are on sale right now too!

Now I know what you’re thinking…these are pillows not cushions and yes, you’re correct. But I mean, look at them. They are too perfect. So I decided to bust out my sewing kit and mediocre sewing skills and attach some ribbon to make them tie to the chairs.

This was so easy I swear! All I did was,

  1. Cut about 12 inches of ribbon
  2. Fold the ribbon in half, and line up ~ 1 inch from the edge that you want to attach to the chair.
  3. Line your needle with desired thread and begin simple stitch.
  4. Repeat with all pillows, and tie ribbon to secure cushion.

And that’s all! You may have to adjust where you sew the ribbon, depending on the size of your cushion/chairs.



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